About Us

Over a decade of experience helping investors and operators establish and grow their licensed cannabis businesses.

About Big Fish

Cannabis emerged from the underground to become an industry worth billions.

But while outside investors pour money into prospective opportunities while also trying to maneuver the challenges unique to cannabis, legacy and small operators passionate about the plant struggle to swim the choppy waters of licensing, compliance, and achieving success in one of the most highly regulated, volatile industries in the world.

Enter Big Fish. 

We offer high-level management support to help businesses build, train and manage their accounting, operations, and human resource teams.  Using an approach informed by years of experience working with start-ups, small- and mid-sized companies, we’ve identified solutions to the issues cannabis companies face in 5 key areas: Accounting, Operations, Compliance, Human Resources/Corporate Culture, and Business Growth.

About Big Fish Cannabis Business Solutions

Whether you need someone to train the team, manage the team, or be the team, Big Fish is ready to serve. Through our customizable services, we provide the guidance and support to help global investors and licensed operators build compliant, sustainable cannabis businesses. Teaching you how to fish while preparing you to be the big fish is how we do it.

Mira Schiff

Mira Schiff has been providing accounting, operations and human resource management support to start-ups, small- and medium-sized companies for over twenty years. By combining a deep-rooted fascination with numbers and systems with exceptional organizational skills and a passion for helping people realize their dreams, numerous companies have entrusted Mira to oversee a range of management responsibilities – particularly in the areas of finance, operations, employees and corporate culture, and overseeing business growth.

A lifelong cannabis consumer who believes all use is medical, Mira decided in 2010 to direct her expertise towards assisting medical operators in California’s cannabis industry – the biggest and most influential cannabis market in the world. Years later when the state’s regulatory structure began shifting into adult-use after 2016, Mira witnessed firsthand the struggles cannabis operators faced with trying to maintain compliant, scalable businesses in such a heavily regulated industry. She also saw many global investors trying to balance the pursuit of opportunities in the emerging sector with having to learn how to navigate a nascent industry unlike any other.

Mira founded Big Fish to help new and legacy cannabis operators succeed by empowering them to view themselves as a business, while also serving as a guide for global investors looking to stake their claim in a new industry that has no precedent.

Sandrita Reyes

Sandrita Reyes brings her experience in the wireless infrastructure and construction industries to the regulatory and compliance sector. With her expertise in permit acquisition and management she is able to navigate the ever-changing waters of cannabis rules and regulations. 

As an ardent nature lover and steward of the Earth, Sandrita has become involved in zero-waste practices and legislation. She is eager to see more communities adopt these much needed policies to minimize the huge amount of waste diverted to our landfills. 

Sandrita’s goal is to help lighten our clients’ loads by helping streamline the onerous processes of operator businesses.